Bill Maxson

Bill Maxson



@BrendanHansen22 Congratulations on your medal winning performance. Looking forward to watching you help USA bring home gold in the relay!

@brendanhansen22 Congratulations on making Olympic Team #3! So happy to see you get a chance to go for the Gold again!

My Twitter value is $9.44, according to ... What about yours?

Looks like President Obama HAS decided to go to Copenhagen to support Chicago 2016 Bid. Has to make Pat Ryan and team happy!

Wishing everyone a Happy Labor Day...hopefully a day without much labor!

Got my daughter moved home after college graduation...hopefully for a short time.

also visited Northwestern U Law School...and I thought U of Chi was impressive. Double wow!

visiting the u of chicago today. altho I grew up in this town had never been to the campus. impressive!

in MS for my daughter's graduation from Ole Miss. 3.9 GPA magna and in just 3 yrs!

landed in wichita early...but of course there's another plane at the gate so we need to wait 10-15 minutes. do they have THAT many flights?

getting lightbulbs at home depot. remember when all u needed was the waatage?

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