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@Jesus_M_Christ: "You know who I am. If not, google me bitches."

If you find that offensive, you're not alone. If you don't know what the "M" stands for don't ask. It makes it worse. No one in a public position of responsibility would dare endorse such an inflammatory comment. The same rules apparently don't apply to the leadership at USA Swimming or its charitable USA Swimming Foundation.

Bill Maxson, the USA Swimming Foundation's Board Chair, was one of the last Splash of Truth investigations before the sudden shutdown this spring. Mr. Maxson is also a past USA Swimming President and ex-officio USA Swimming Board Member. With USA Swimming rocked every few weeks by new arrests, lawsuits, or stories of sexual abuse by coaches, the leadership of the sport should be hyper-conscious of their image and activities. Instead, Mr. Maxson flaunts his own sexual interests and questionable judgment on the same Twitter account he uses to tout the Foundation and our dedicated athletes.

In January of this year, Bill Maxson's Twitter Following page was littered with Playboy Playmates, swimsuit models, wardrobe malfunction prone D-list actresses, and web sex personalities like @LilMissCuntCake. To call these publicly proclaimed favorites of Mr. Maxson shocking would be correct on many levels.

In March this information was relayed to Splash of Truth. They stated an intention to publish within days. Instead, the sport's most controversial and best watchdog unceremoniously folded up shop.

Within days, Bill Maxson's Twitter account was cleaned up. Was USA Swimming tipped off? Did Chuck Wielgus, USA Swimming's Executive Director, or Susan Woessner, the athlete protection puppet, have a brief spasm of proactive and ethical behavior? Did Maxson do this of his own volition? We'd have to place all of them under oath to find out the truth.

Several days later USA Swimming announced a partnership with Social Intelligence, a company whose purpose is to monitor social media for questionable conduct and material. This was a step that many in the sport had been requesting for some time. Social Intelligence and similar companies have been helping corporations and universities with screening and monitoring for years. If USA Swimming couldn't keep its web house in order, maybe somebody else could.

In the run-up to the Olympics we visited Bill Maxson's Twitter account once again and were shocked to find that Mr. Maxson was resuming his old ways.

@Parker_Snow: "People mostly like me for my loose morals. My close friends call me P-Nasty." ...

@ericaskeli: Are you following this for the bondage outfits? ...

@WhatTheF***Facts ...

@OMGFactsSex ...

@JessaHinton: a Playboy model ...

@Playboy: the official Twitter page ...

@jerica: "( . Y . ) Titzilla" ...

@Kayden_Kross: a web sex entrepreneur ...

@ShannonElizab: D-list or D-something ...

@Jesus_M_Christ ...

You've got to be kidding. While adults are free to read or peruse whatever they desire, public display of questionable material by a leader or coach shouldn't be without consequences. The partnership with Social Intelligence confirms that. If you must surf the pornographic and profane, have the sense to do it discretely. Bill Maxson, your public persona is gross and most inappropriate as the charitable face of USA Swimming.

The motto of the USA Swimming Foundation is in part "Building Champions". The image of USA Swimming, away from the pool at least, is being dominated by coaches like Rick Curl, Mitch Ivey, Andy King and a host of others. How can the sport consistently build champions when USA Swimming spends its time and your dollars primarily on damage control and settling lawsuits? Would we build more champions if this effort and money were refocused on club development and enhancement of coach, swimmer, and parent resources? How about supplementing and funding the progression of our elite and near-elite athletes?

Search the blogs and the newspapers covering swimming right now or talk to your local coach. You'll find that people who have been involved with the sport long term say the "relationships" we're now banning pedophiles for have been an acknowledged and purposely ignored part of swimming's culture for decades. Is it a surprise that USA Swimming's leadership turns a blind eye to this when the past President of the organization doesn't even try to hide his puerile interests?

Fixing the culture of USA Swimming so that we can refocus our efforts on swimming(!) requires that we clean house from top to bottom. Bill Maxson, the USA Swimming Foundation Chair, is the perfect place to start.

The USA Swimming Code of Conduct calls a violation...

(304.3.18) Any other material and intentional act, conduct or omission not provided for above, which is detrimental to the image or reputation of USA Swimming, a LSC or the sport of swimming.

A Board of Review that wouldn't find Bill Maxson detrimental to swimming's image could itself be called out on this same clause.

Susan Woessner showed us something other than intelligence (again) by not using Social Intelligence on USA Swimming's own.

Chuck Wielgus might further signal his contempt for USA Swimming's Rules by whitewashing this like the alleged "investigation" of a national coach this spring.

Mr. Maxson could and should spare the sport trouble and embarrassment by resigning and accepting a lifetime ban (a la Everett Uchiyama). No secret deals this time. No glowing recommendations. Everyone reading this knows the truth.

USA Swimming's Bill "@BMaxson" Maxson. Now you know who he is. If not, google him bitches.

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